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Who am I?
Systemic Business Consultancy

You have long known: Critical to the success of the work of people with people - regardless of the objective to be achieved together - is not the method used, not one or the other technique. What matters is whether the person is the trainer, therapist, coach or teacher is right in this situation, at this moment, for you.

Only your intuition, your subjective feeling can tell you who you personally, your family, your team or organization in this moment of, or the "right". Who do you like to get involved with your cause, to whom you can develop trust. Following these insights, I start on my homepage so to introduce myself:

I have a degree in economics, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, systemic family therapist and EMDR therapist (VDH / DGMT). I work as a coach, trainer and family Complainant in private practice. And I'm analytical as well as psychoanalytically oriented. Also, I'm in the business consulting. I am particularly interested in family, whether and how a transfer to the next generation succeed. In fall 2011, my first book was published, "The secret fears of the Germans."

In 1954 I came as the second daughter of my mother to the world. Her first husband was the end of 1944, three weeks after the wedding, please. At that time she was 19 years old and pregnant. My father, her second husband, had completed his studies on crutches, after he lost a leg in the Russian campaign. Together with my half sister who was born in 1945 as an orphan, we lived in Hanover, which had been destroyed during the war to eighty percent.
After studying in Freiburg, Paris and Hamburg I initially organized PR events for a Hamburg-based bank and designed large thematic exhibitions, eg "The desire to fly" over. I then spent five years as editor of the cultural magazine MERIAN with emphasis on Germany, France and the Himalayas, about whom I have met my husband.

After the birth of our children Anna and Moritz and I devoted a number of years throughout my family. Compared with all the activities I had previously exercised, it was physically, mentally and intellectually demanding the fullest and at the same time of my life. After a long collaboration with my husband, the historian Arnulf Baring, I turned to psychology.
My inclinations apply psychoanalysis as well as the depth psychology-based systemic therapy and the different installation techniques that I merge into my work. For more than ten years ago I was fascinated particularly the constellations, through the world, I've only come to understand. Questions that had vexed me for life could be answered by the experience that I had there, all of a sudden. With their help, the dynamics of relationships and the mysteries of human behavior, of success and failure to fathom not only, but also process focused and successful.

I lived for three years in France, England and America. For ten years I have made many inspiring teachers education and training, plus five one hundred hours psychoanalysis experienced participated as well as countless self-awareness seminars at a profit.
It is in my heart, to thank all those who supported me to get where I am now. I think that they have arrived, more and more with me. If I have succeeded, it is also due to my parents, my husband, my children, friends, teachers and therapists.
With my work I have drawn to my mind the big prize. It is gratifying to people accompany a part of their journey and they must get to know it. I am deeply grateful to all who give me confidence to let me be part of your destiny. Confidence is a great gift.

On Facebook, I founded the group "war grandson Berlin", and there are the page "The secret fears of the Germans."

I am a member of the support organizations war Children for Peace Association, and eV, Goethe Society of London and the forum and noetic consciousness eV

In Berlin, I cooperate with the team of Richard contactor consultancy,